SAP CodeJam Leipzig – SAP Mobile

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SAP CodeJam introduces a new SAP technology to developers. Participants learn to solve a set of problems at their own pace using advice from an expert. There is food, they are drinks, registration is free. After attending twice I was persuaded of the learning impact of this event format and I gathered support to bring it home.

On May 16th 2014, Informatik DV GmbH hosted its first SAP CodeJam – SAP Mobile – at our office in Leipzig. We used our website, posters and postcards to bring up local interest and were happy to greet 26 attendees.

Thanks to Craig Cmehil who invited Martin Grasshoff, SAP Mobile Platform Product manager, as our speaker. Martin cuts through the what do you want to call it today game and explain concepts clearly. He presented the architecture of SMP 3.0 and we had a peek preview in the future of Rapid Development Experience (River RDE). It felt like having the best trainer for the topic and trying to be a good student to get the most out of it.

Some of the insights I got (of course, YMMV):

  • Paper was always mobile. it is not mobile is you cannot work offline, it is just a web app. A mobile app can work offline with automatic conflict resolution
  • the challenge is to enable mobile scenarios rapidly with low total cost of ownership.
  • HTML5 is now good enough for mobile apps, but you want access the device gimmicks. So there are the Kapsel plugins.
  • OData is just a protocol, but it is a terrific innovation because it is a standard, like SQL for DB access
  • with the SMP 3.0 architecture, the developer does not care about being on- or offline.

In the hands-on session, Martin guided us through the steps needed to build a mobile applications in a scenario with SAP NetWeaver Gateway as a OData service, SAP Mobile Platform on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and AppBuilder.

Thanks to all participants, I hope you all enjoyed the event. If you missed it, get in touch to be informed in time for next episode in Leipzig. Check SAP CodeJam Facebook for more pictures

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